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Schala, Princess of Zeal
Time periodAntiquity 12000 B.C.
RelativesQueen Zeal, Janus/Magus
Home areaZeal

Schala is the sole daughter of Queen Zeal, and big sister to Janus (Who is now Magus). She is Princess of Zeal. She, like her other relatives, is a magical prodigy, believed to be even more so than her brother by the inhabitants of the Kingdom. She feels that all people are equal, and that the Earthbound Ones and the Enlightened Ones should live as one. As a result, she visited the Earthbound Ones in their village of Algetty frequently, playing with the children and conversing with the adults. She is the original owner of the pendant made of Dreamstone that unleashes the Gate at the beginning of the game. Made of the same stone as the Mammon Machine, Schala often prayed to it, making it react. The pendant could also activate the Machine and open Zealian doors. She, in the Ocean Palace, was forced by her power-hungry mother to use her magical ability and the pendant to summon Lavos through the Mammon Machine, resulting in a disaster in which the three Gurus and Janus are absorbed into different Time Gates. At this point, Schala disappears, and is out of the game completely. Her fate isn't revealed until Chrono Cross.

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