Robo's Official Artwork
Time Period2,300 A.D.
WeaponRobotic Arms

[edit] Plot Background

Robo is a character in Chrono Trigger (SNES) and Chrono Trigger DS.

Robo's first appears as a broken down robot in the Future 2300 A.D. Crono, Lucca, and Marle find him in an abandoned factory. Lucca then decides to fix Robo, and when she finishes, Robo tells the group that he forgot what his original programming was. Lucca then tells him that he should help the group save the Earth, and Robo agrees, making "saving the Earth" his new programming. After finding a group of robots, who are of the same model as Robo, Robo greets his fellow models and introduces the gang. However, the other Robots label Robo as a defect, since he forgot his original programming, to protect a hallway. Robo is then shocked at being shunned out by his "brothers" and the other robots attack him and the gang. After that, he decides that he will stay with the gang to help the world so the future does not end up in it's current state. During the Geno dome side quest it is revealed that Robo's real name is Prometheus, and his serial number is R-66Y. In battle, Robo is a powerful offensive attacker, and he is very diverse. He has the ability to heal, and to dish out great damage. He cannot use offensive magic however, and has no element.

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