Queen Zeal

Zeal (Front).gif

Zeal's original sprite.

[edit] Plot Background

Queen Zeal is the sole leader of Zeal and mother of Janus and Schala. She recently changed from a fair, kind hearted leader to an evil power hungry Queen. This was from her sudden interest in Lavos. She wishes to use Lavos for eternal life, and use its power to become the most powerful ruler. She commands her loyal vessel, Dalton, who shares the same ideals as her. She asks to have the Mammon Machine built for direct communication to Lavos, as well as to help the creature achieve more power, so herself, in turn gains move as well. Eventually, she uses Lavos' power to summon the Ocean Palace and Black Omen. She lives in the Black Omen for several thousand years, until eventually she is killed by Crono and company when they break into the Black Omen. You fight Queen Zeal a total of 3 times. First as herself with 12000 HP. Then as she is formed with the Mammon Machine, with 18000 Hp. Then, as a three enemy body part boss, with her with head having 20000 HP, and both her Hands having 28000.

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