Marle's Official Artwork
Time PeriodPresent 1000 A.D.
WeaponCrossbow and Bow and Arrow

Marle makes her appearance in Chrono Trigger (SNES) and Chrono Trigger DS.

Marle is the princess of the land of Guardia in present time, who is disguised as a normal everyday person early in the game. Crono meets up with her at the Millenial Fair, which celebrates another 1,000 years of Guardia. After asking Crono if he will walk with her and keep her company, the two go to see Lucca's new invention, a machine that can supposedly travel through time. She is the first to try out the machine, but Crono quickly follows her. They both are then teleported to the Middle Ages 600 A.D. Once there, Marle is mistaken for the queen of Guardia, who recently went missing. After that, their adventure unfolds.

Marle is not a very strong fighter physically, but her skills at long range fighting and healing are great. With her crossbow skills, Marle can attack strong enemy monsters from a distance. Marle is also great with healing spells, and is essential to teams who lose their HP fast. She is the main dedicated healer of the game. Marle's element is ice, and can attack by using ice magic spells, though, unlike Lucca and Crono, she receives no third spell.

[edit] Techs


TP Cost: 1

In Game Description: Restore a small amount of HP to an ally.

This is pretty good when you first get it. First of all, you can't go wrong with the fact it only costs 1 TP, making it useful for longer boss battles. Secondly, Marle's got a great base magic stat, and at this point she'll be able to heal more than foes can deal out damage. It's only bad thing is its single target, but that's to be expected for a default move. Overall, use this a lot, and even when you're allies aren't that low on health, use it anyway. Marle's physical attack isn't that good anyway, so don't waste turns with it.


TP cost: 1

Description: Confuse enemy.

Pretty useless if we're being brutally honest. Moves like these are often not used in most RPG's, due to the fact they don't effect enemies often, and because a lot are immune. Sure, the TP cost is meager, but Marle is better off just healing with Aura at this point until she can become a better damager. I can't think of a sitiuation that this is useful in, so I'd just stay clear entirely of it.


TP cost: 2

Description Attack an enemy with Ice.

Marle's best move of out her trio so far, and one of her most useful moves overall. This is the only way to get respectable damage out of her, and does some nice damage at that. She often gets the wrap of a horrible damage dealer, but with this, its not that bad. It's TP cost is low, and its useful in several situations. A lot of enemies have an elemental weakness to water element, so this will increase the damage output of this. Just spam this in boss fights and you'll be impressed.


TP cost: 2

Description: Restore moderate HP to an ally.

This is why Marle is a great support party member. With this move she can heal over 50% of an allies' health, and its TP cost is pretty low too, considering her MP growth. Ditch Aura and use this all the time, and bring her into most boss fights with this. I'd reccomend you'd stop buying potions once you have this too, simply because it heals as much, and its free. (Minus the TP restoration items you need for her, but that could be said for any move.)


TP cost: 6

Description: Halve times in between turns for an ally.

By far Marle's best move, and easily the best support move in the game. This will allow you to do so many things; mainly increase damage output and save your butt. (Due to the fact you can do everything faster.) The move is low TP cost too, and overall, has nothing bad about it. Use this a lot, and don't be afraid to spam it on yourself.

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