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[edit] Biography

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Magus' Official Artwork
Time PeriodAntiquity 12000 B.C., Middle Ages 600 A.D.

[edit] The Dark Ages

Born in the magical kingdom of Zeal in 12,000 BC, Prince Janus was thought to not have any magical aptitude whatsoever, making him a bit of an anomaly in the Royal Family where Queen Zeal and his sister Schala were both great magic users. However, it would soon be revealed in a later epoch that his magical powers are nearly without equal. Viewed by his subjects as introverted and sullen, few people attempted to talk to the young prince. It is no surprise, then, that his pet cat Alfador was considered by one of the Enlightened Ones to be his only friend.

Despite his cold appearance, however, Janus was very fond of his sister and despised what his mother had become after the Mammon Machine was built. Schala, concerned for her brother, proceeded to give him an amulet that contained her prayers after he confided his dislike for their mother in her. He could also understand what the "black winds" were saying. This is seen during Crono's trip to the Dark Ages, where Janus warns the party upon their first meeting in Enhasa that one of them will soon perish.

Shortly thereafter, the construction of the Ocean Palace was completed and the Mammon Machine was set up in its new home. As Zeal forced her daughter Schala to increase the output of the machine, Janus barged in to stop his sister from aiding their mother's plans. Unfortunately, the queen's plan of extracting more energy from Lavos backfired and actually awakened the beast, who opened an enormous time-space rift that sent the three Gurus of the era (who were all present for the Ocean Palace's christening) to different eras. Janus also got caught up in this rift and found himself transported to the Middle Ages.

[edit] The Middle Ages

After awakening in Truce Canyon, Janus was found by the Mystic general Ozzie. After successfully defending himself against the general's ambush of monsters using magic, he was taken in by Ozzie and raised so that he would become the Fiendlord. During this time, the young prince became known as Magus due to his magical prowess. He also began plotting to exact his revenge on Lavos for all that he had suffered due to that fateful day in the Ocean Palace.

[edit] The War Against Guardia

While the exact reasons for starting the war against Guardia are unknown, it is stated in the Japanese release of Chrono Trigger that Magus was trying to gain power, presumably to summon and kill Lavos. Though actually a human, his appearance and magical powers caused the people of Guardia to mistake him for one of the Mystics and sent their finest knight, Cyrus and his squire Glenn. Even though Cyrus wielded the Masamune, a legendary sword that was capable of breaking through Magus' magical wards, the Fiendlord's magical might proved to be too much for the valiant warrior. At Cyrus' death, the Masamune was broken in two. As Glenn tried to avenge his fallen friend, he was struck by a spell and was transformed into a frog.

[edit] The Battle at Fiendlord's Keep

After Frog met Crono, who helped him rescue Queen Leene from the Manolia Cathedral, he began to doubt his own abilities as a swordsman, and exiled himself to a forest north of Porre. After Crono and his group managed to reforge the Masamune, Frog agrees to travel to the Fiendlord's Keep to battle Magus to end the war and stop Lavos from being created, as they did not know that Magus had only summoned the otherworldly being. After being defeated, Lavos appears and opens another Time Gate that sends the heroes to Preshistory, where Magus ironically is sent back to Zeal.

[edit] Return to the Dark Ages

After returning home thanks to the very same circumstances that took him away from his home in the first place, Magus took a different approach in his plan to kill Lavos. Using his first-hand knowledge of the events that were about to unfold, he convinced Queen Zeal that he was a prophet with great powers. As Crono and his party arrives in the Dark Ages, he was able to convince the queen that they were a threat that must be eliminated in order for her plan to succeed, which led to their battle with Dalton's Golem and subsequent imprisonment by the Mammon Machine. After catching Schala releasing them from their imprisonment, he forces her to seal the Time Gate the heroes came from shut in exchange for their lives.

[edit] Disaster at the Ocean Palace and Forming Alliances

The event that sent the Fiendlord to the Middle Ages was relived in the Ocean Palace, only this time he was present as the Prophet as well as the younger Janus. However, he was not the only one present that was not in the original occurrence. Crono and his party returned to the Dark Ages just in time to witness this event thanks to Belthasar's gift of the Epoch. As Queen Zeal ordered Schala to push the demonic Mammon Machine beyond its limit, Lavos appeared. Despite Crono's valiant efforts, he and his party were defeated and his life was taken. Magus himself even attempted to slay the beast but could not, resulting in Lavos' destruction of Zeal.

Upon realizing the vanity of his efforts, Magus resigned himself to solitude on North Cape until he is approached by Crono's friends. It is at this point that the player is given the choice to fight to the death or leave Magus be. If the option to leave him alone is chosen, he will turn around and join you. While the canonical choice is to spare him, the Dark Prince will tell you to seek out Gaspar for help reviving Crono before his last breath should the player choose to fight.

[edit] Tech List

Tech Name Element MP Cost Effect TP Required for Unlock
Lightning II Light 8 Attack all enemies with lightning. 0
Ice II Water 8 Attack all enemies with ice. 0
Fire II Fire 8 Attack all enemies with fire. 0
Dark Bomb Shadow 8 Bomb enemies within a circle. 400
Barrier N/A 8 Boost an ally's Magic Defense 400
Dark Mist Shadow 10 Attack all enemies with darkness. 400
Black Hole N/A 15 Attempt to banish enemies within a circle. 900
Dark Matter Shadow 20 Attack all enemies with darkness. 900

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