Lucca's Official Artwork
Time PeriodPresent 1000 A.D.

[edit] Plot Background

Lucca appears in Chrono Trigger (SNES) and Chrono Trigger DS.

Lucca lives in Guardia, with her father and mother, in the Present 1000 A.D. Lucca is a scientist and enjoys coming up with new ideas and experiments with her father. At the Millenial Fair, which celebrates the 1,000 years of Guardia, Lucca brings along her new invention, a teleportation machine. After having Marle test it out, it accidentally teleports her to the past. Crono, Lucca's long time childhood friend follows Marle into the past, Lucca saying that she will come get them when she finds a way to fix the machine.

Lucca attacks by using Guns and Pistols which fire lazers. Lucca has great defensive abilities, however she is not that powerful physically. Lucca however is a strong magic user, and has powerful Techs. Lucca is the fire element, and can attack enemies with powerful fire elemental attacks.

[edit] Tech List


TP Cost: 1

Description: Burn enemies along a direct line.

For a starter move, this is pretty good. It's low on TP, and has the ability to hit multiple enemies. It's also magic based, which is a huge plus. Lucca starts off with a pretty nice magic stat, so this will probably be the best damage move early on in the game. You also can't go wrong with the fact that its fire elemental; This allows you to exploit elemental weaknesses rather early on the in the game, especially since this is the main elemental weakness. Overall, don't even have Lucca attack. Just get her to spam this.


TP Cost: 1

Description: Put all enemies to sleep.

Eh, like said with most status inducing moves, this move simply isn't worth it in most cases. I'm emphasis most here though; as this move can be used on certain bosses effectively. Luckily, if the move doesn't effect, you can try again without much worry, as the TP cost is really low. Honestly though, if you don't bother with this move at all you're not missing out on much, and it doesn't have any situation where its essential to win the match.


TP Cost: 2

Description: Attack an enemy with fire.

This move is tank, and the best of the basic elemental spells. It's pretty low TP cost wise, and its damage is great. It causes a lot more damage than Flamethrower, her current best move. A lot of enemies are weak to fire elemental moves as well, so this will just do more damage. Use this over her normal attacks, and even any of her current techs. Use this in battle and just spam it.

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