Lavos is the main villain in Chrono Trigger. He is deemed as a all powerful being.

Translation La - Big Vos - Fire

Lavos is fought two times as his outer shell. Once where he imitates every boss you fought up to Giga Gaia, excluding a few minor bosses like the Imp and Mudbeast fight, the Golems, Ozzie, Flea, and Slash fights, the first part of Masamune fight, and the Yakra fight, and all the fights you would fight after you fight Lavos in the Ocean Palace.

You then fight him with again as Lavos with 10000 HP, 127 defense, 50 magic defense. He knows the following techs-

Rain Destruction

Lavos Needle

Chaos Zone


[edit] Ways of Getting To Him

One way to get to Lavos is to wait until you are at the bottom of the ocean palace, then fight him before you actually need to kill him. This is only optional if you are on a second file after beating the game, or your cheating, since Lavos instantly kills you with one attack at the beginning if you have the normal amount of HP.

The second way to get to him is to go through the Black Omen, and after fighting [[Queen Zeal] you will face Lavos.

The third way to fight him is to go to the bucket at the End of Time.

The fourth way is to use the epoch to take you to the year 1999. Instantly gets you past outer shell.

The last way is to go to the left telepod at the Fair. This can be done at the beginning of the game.

[edit] Last Two Fights

Lavos has two other fights after you destroy the outer shell.

First, you fight Lavos (Body) and his two arms. DESTROY THE ARMS! Or Lavos will be taking about 100 damage from your strongest attacks.

Second fight, however, is quite easy if you know what to hit. Kill the Lavos Pod to the left. It deals damage. Then, after killing it, focus on the to the right pod. If you kill that, then you win the fight.

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