Frog's Official Artwork
Time PeriodMiddle Ages 600 A.D.
WeaponBroadsword and Sheild

[edit] Plot Summary

Frog is actually a human from the Middle Ages 600 A.D., who was originally Sir Glenn. He was close friends to Sir Cyrus, and had a close realtionship with Queen_Leene. At the point of Cyrus' death, who met his untimely death at the hands of Magus, Glenn was with him and was transformed into a Frog by the powerful dark magician. Frog goes into a downward spiral at this point, blaming himself for the death of Cyrus, and vows to protect the Queen in order to repay that debt. He also decides that the only way he can repay Cyrus is by killing Magus. He is more powerful than meets the eye, and is the true wielder of the Masamune. In his side quest, he can put Cyrus' ghost to rest, and eventually feels that thing happened for a reason, and he couldn't stop that. In battle he is both a healer and a fighter, using water magic offensively. Most of his healing spells are multi target, making them useful with high magic. He also has above average attack values, but is later outclassed by Robo and Crono.

[edit] Techs


TP cost: 1

In - Game Description: Restore a small amount of HP to an ally.

This is decent when you get Frog temporarily at the beginning, due to the fact its your only healing move, but when you permanently get him its rather useless. With Marle's better spells and the fact that it doesn't heal as much as most other moves in general, it's mediocre at best. It's also only a single target move, making it obsolete with Potions at your disposal.

Slurp Slash

TP cost: 2

In - Game Description: Snag an enemy with tongue, then slash it.

GREAT move. It's really good early in the game, since it's low TP, and because it's very nice for damage. It hits much more than his regular attack, and has no elemental affinity. It's not that great later on though, with no specific extra abilities to it, it becomes too weak.


TP cost: 2

In - Game Description: Attack an enemy with water.

Putting it nicely, this move sucks. It's single target, with bad damage output due to Frog's low magic power as a whole, and because most enemies lack a weakness to water. Avoid using this, and if you do find a foe weak to water, just use Marle; she has better magic stats.


TP cost: 2

In - Game Description: Restore moderate HP to all allies.

This is a good technique overall, and is often a life saver. It heals all allies, making it useful for staying alive in tight situations, and because it heals a pretty good amount. The TP cost is really cheap here, so use that to your advantage; it will save you money in the long run, since it beats out potions on practicality.

Aerial Strike

TP cost: 4

In - Game Description: Leap up and stab an enemy from above.

This is an upgrade from Slurp Slash, since it has nothing special about it besides doing damage. It costs alot of TP compared to his moves thus far, but it's worth the damage output, since it beats out normally attacking. Use this alot, and spam it during bosses for some nice damage output. This should put him up par with Crono and Robo.

Water II

TP cost: 8

In - Game Description: Strike all enemies with Water.

An upgrade from Water, and like its original, it sucks. Frog's magic isn't high enough for this to do decent damage, and though it hits all enemies, its weak as a whole. Stay away from this and spend Frog's TP on something else, preferably Frog Squash or Cure II, which are easily his best moves.

Cure II

TP cost: 5

In - Game Description: Restore a large amount of HP to an ally.

This move is great for healing a single character. It can heal for up to max with the right set-up, and even with a bad magic stat, this heals good. Once you get this move ditch all your potions, as this can heal much better. It's pretty low on TP cost too, so it gives you some wiggling room for offensive moves.

Frog Squash

TP cost: 5

In - Game Description: Hit all foes, does higher damage when HP is low.

This is Frog's best move by far, and quite possibly the best move in the game. When you're at 1 health, this can hit up to 4000 later in the game. It hits all enemies too, making it great for large groups of enemies. It's TP cost is pretty high, sure, but the only other move you're gonna spend it on is Cure II.

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