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Dalton's original Sprite

[edit] Story Background

Dalton is Queen Zeal's general and part of Zeal's court of Enlightened Ones. He secretly wishes to have all of Lavos' power for himself, and to overthrow Zeal. He uses an army of Golems to attack the party of several different occasions, and has a flying fortress, known as the Blackbird. After the Ocean Palace appears and the disappearance of Zeal's immediate royal family, Dalton sees himself as the new king of the Dark Ages, and believes he should be hailed. He is also the person responsible for capturing the party in the Blackbird. His overall downfall is when he is sucked into the portal that was supposed to summon his Golem Overlord. In the DS version, he makes a cameo appearance in the Dimensional Vortex in which he seeks revenge on your party.

You fight Dalton himself twice. You fight him first as Dalton with 3500 HP, then as King Dalton with 2800 HP. He gets weaker, you say?

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