Crono's Official Artwork
Time Period1,000 A.D.

Crono is the silent protagonist of Chrono Trigger who once lived peacefully with his mother in Truce. However, through a series of events at the Millenial Fair, Crono met up with Marle and embarked on a journey through time to save his newfound friend. In battle, Crono can deal a good bit of damage with his physical attacks and lightning-based magic spells.

[edit] Techs


Tp Cost: 2

In Game Description: Whirl about an enemy and others nearby.

Pretty decent for a starter move. It's ability to hit multiple enemies makes in invavluable during the beginning of the game. It's no terribly powerful as a damage output move, as it hits a little less than his normal attacks at points, but its ability to hit multiple enemies early on is useful. It's TP cost is pretty low too.

Wind Slash

Tp Cost: 2

In Game Description: Slash enemies with Wind Gusts.

Crono sends out a gust of wind at a single enemy, and nails them for some pretty nice damage. Though, his normal attack comes close to its damage output. So, though it's a more powerful than Cyclone in the sense of damage, Cyclone is more useful, and you should save your TP for it. Only use this on bosses that are single target, or single target battles.


Tp Cost: 2

In Game Description: Attack a foe with lightning.

The basic single - target magic spell that most characters get. Unfortunately, early on Crono's magic stat is pretty low compared to Marle and Lucca, making his magic somewhat of a problem. Though it has the potential to hit high, Crono doesn't get a good magic stat boost till later on. Use this for enemies weak to Lightning element, but besides that, avoid this when you can use Marle's & Lucca's spells.


Tp Cost: 4

In Game Description: Deal double damage to an enemy.

This move is more like it. By this point, all Crono's moves have been outclasses and pretty useless, but this move is great for single targets. Though it doesn't always hit double damage, it sure takes a chunk out of an enemies' HP, and is overall a worthwhile move. The TP might be a little high, but he has nothing else to spend it on at this point.


Tp Cost: 8

In Game Description: Attack all enemies with lightning.

By the time you get this move Crono's magic should be pretty decent enough for this to dish out some major enemies. It's a great crowd controller since it hits all enemies, and it is often the elemental weakness of many foes you come across. This and Cleave should give you the damage output you've been expecting from Crono.


Tp Cost: 10

In Game Description: Revive a KO'd ally.

This move is everything but good, and can only be described as useless. It's tons of TP by his standards, doesn't do as much health regain as Marle's, and let's face it, Crono doesn't need healing moves. I'd avoid using this move entirely, and leave the healing to Marle.


Tp Cost: 12

In Game Description: Attack an enemy four times in sucession.

Once you reach the point where your attack and strength are nearly maxed, this move is the best in game. It hits four times, making it an insanely good damage dealer all game long, and because its TP cost is pretty low considering the damage it does. This will be able to take care of strong single foes, where Luminaire can wipe out most the enemies. Use this a lot.


Tp Cost: 20

In Game Description: Attack all enemies with a holy light.

This move hits alot, and has the ability to crowd control later in the game. Crono's magic will be more than you need at this point, since this moves' damage modifier is through the roof. The TP, though, is really high, to the point where you're better off using Frenzy for damage. Golden Studs fix that up though.

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