Ayla's Official Artwork
Time Period65,000,000 BC

[edit] Plot Background

Ayla is the cheif of the Ioka tribe, and she is the sole character from 65,000,000 B.C. As the role of chief, most of her time is spent fighting the Reptile people, whom though are much more advanced then her people, cannot overcome them entirely. Ayla can be described as a fierce, determined and strong leader, though she has a big heart. Surprisingly, in one of endings it is told that she is one of Marle's early ancestors, along with Kino (assumed, though not completely confirmed at this point.) In battle Ayla cannot use magic, due to the fact humans were incapable of using it at that point in history. Ayla also doesn't equip weapons, but relies on brute strength to hurt foes. Ayla is technically classified as a Bruiser character, with no specific element or weapon usage. In battle, Ayla is the only character who can steal from enemies.

[edit] Techs


TP Usage: 1

Game Description: Lightly heal an ally and restore status.

This move overall, isn't worth the actual amount of damage healed; It works well since it restores status, but the problem with it is its single target, which makes it outclassed by most types of potions, and because Ayla's base stat of magic itself is the worst in the game.

Roundillo Kick

TP Usage: 2

Game Description: Jump and kick an enemy.

This move is pretty good for when she gets it. It's a pretty simple normal tech, not having any specific traits, but it does some nice damage to enemies, especially for its little TP cost. It's good for spamming when you get her, since it hits slightly more than her normal attacks.

Cat Attack

TP Usage: 3

Game Description: Savagely claw an enemy.

Like Roundillo Kick, Cat Attack is a standard damage move, and has nothing special to it, when it comes to added effects from the move. It's much like a more powerful version of Roundillo Kick, and it's damage output is pretty nice, and surpasses her normal attack damage in most cases. It's TP cost is fairly low, and worth it. One of her best moves considering the point you get it at.

Boulder Toss

TP Usage: 4

Game Description: Lob an enemy as if it were a stone.

This is a really nice damage dealer, and is much better than any of her single techs she has acquired at this point. It's damage is really nice, and is an overall powerful technique. The only problem with this technique is it can only work on certain size enemies, obviously. This makes it pretty obsolete when you're versus bigger enemies, and leaves you relying on Cat Attack.


TP Usage: 4

Game Description: Seduce an enemy to receive an item.

Like Steal, the common tech name from most standard JPRG's, the purpose of this move is to obtain items. It has a decent chance of effecting the enemy, and can net you some really good items when you're versus bosses. Later on in the game, this is a very useful move. It can get you Capsules, and things like Elixirs, which are rare. Conclusion is: Use this on any boss and enemies you can.

Tail Spin

TP Usage: 10

Game Description: Spin and strike surrounding enemies.

Bleh, you look at this move and you see one main issue from the start. It's insanely high TP cost makes it really bad from spamming, and due to the fact that its not that great at damage. The good thing about this move is its Ayla's first multi hit move, though weak, it helps rid of enemies quickly.

Dino Tail

TP Usage: 15

Game Description: Hit all foes. Does more damage when HP is low.

Though the TP cost is pretty high for this move, it's really easy to make her best move with the right set-up. It hits all enemies, and as said in the description, it does more damage when her HP is low. If her HP is really low, like 1 or so, it can hit very high, and is subsequently her best move.

Triple Kick

TP Usage: 20

Game Description: Kick an enemy 3 times.

This move is a little too high on the TP side, especially for the damage it does compared to Dino Tail. With that said, this is a good move when you're high on health and Dino Tail does pitiful damage. But, besides that, this being single target doesn't make it that much better, thus causing you to go with Tail Spin over this.

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